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Hot spots

In the course of the Report preparation and analysis of the Lake Ladoga and Ladoga region biota state the following areas were identified: (1) territories and water bodies with a complex of threats to the whole biological diversity, (2) areas where negative anthropogenic factors affect some components of biota, and (3) factors that posses threats to the natural development of biological complexes. This chapter deals with areas from category (1) that are considered to be the so called "hot spots" in the region.

Areas where the complex of factors negatively affects biota in a whole (fig. 8.3).

Hot spots

1. Syass river mouth, neighboring areas
2. Volkhov river mouth, town of Volkhov, neighbouring areas
3. Petrokrepost bay, city of Petrokrepost and neighboring areas of the southern Lake Ladoga sub-region
4. River Burnaya mouth
5. City of Priozersk, neighboring areas, Shchuchiy Bay
6. Lakhdelpokhya settlement and neighbouring water area
7. City of Sortavala, neighbouring areas and water areas
8. Town of Pitkaranta, neighbouring areas
9. Village Laskela, neighbouring areas, Hidenselka Bay
10. Town of Kirishi, neighbouring areas

Fig. 8.3. "Hot spots"

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