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"Geese-Swans" Contest

The Goose and Swan Study Group of Northern Palearctic, together with the Wetlands International Russian Programme Office has announced a contest of children's drawings entitled "Geese-Swans". It is held to raise the awareness of the problems related to waterbird conservation and sustainable management in Russia among both children and adults, so that they become active participants of the nature conservation movement.

Drawings by pupils of the Olonets Secondary School 1,
Instructor: Larisa Kharina

Anya Loginova, 11 yrs., 6th grade Ivan Utkin, 11 yrs., 6th grade Lyuda Isakova, 11 yrs., 6th grade Vlad Il'nitskyi, 12 yrs., 7th grade Sasha Subbotina, 11 yrs., 6th grade
Nadya Chetchikova, 11 yrs., 6th grade Ilya Saveliev, 11 yrs., 6th grade Sasha Markov, 12 yrs., 6th grade Lisa Yudina, 11 yrs., 6th grade Lyuba Orlova, 12 yrs., 7th grade
Masha Treshkoyeva, 11 yrs., 6th grade Dasha Trifanova, 11 yrs., 6th grade Masha Ol'khina, 10 yrs., 3  grade Ivan Yegorov, 11 yrs., 6th grade Sasha Kekukh, 11 yrs., 6th"" grade
Zhenya Kegnoyev, 11 yrs., 6th grade Ira Kyutchieva, 12 yrs., 7  grade Dima Minin, 13 yrs., 7  grade Alika Vasilieva, 9 yrs., 3  grade Dasha Fadeeva, 11 yrs., 6th grade
Ira Petrova, 13 yrs., 7th grade Anya Filatova, 9 yrs., 3th grade Aljona Filippova, 12 yrs., 7th grade Sasha Dubrovin, 11 yrs., 6th grade Anya Zvezdina, 11 yrs., 6th grade
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